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Fax to Email Service

Many companies still use fax as their primary medium for sending text and graphics to others, but with the Internet opening up new avenues of message delivery it can appear old fashioned and restrictive.

Email offers many advantages over fax, but those who use it still find themselves being asked 'what is your fax number?'.

The problem has two possible solutions ...

£120 will buy a reasonable fax machine, but you may need to consider an additional telephone line, which will have a monthly line rental attached. You will also have to keep it on all the time ready to accept faxes, which means you are open to the junk fax mailers who waste your expensive fax paper.

For just £59 per year HavNet can supply you with your own fax number that allows you to receive faxes as if they were email! Junk faxes can be deleted at the click of a button, there are no additional monthly fees, and you won't need to have another phone line installed.

FaxMail provides you with your own Non-Geographic 0870 fax number that you can promote on your business cards, letterheads and promotional material. Anyone can send a fax to your number which will be immediately converted by our fax servers into a standard TIFF email attachment and sent to an email address of your choice.


FaxMail has many advantages over a traditional fax machine.
Here are just a few ...

  • Delete unimportant or junk faxes easily
  • Save premium office and desk space
  • Print only the important faxes
  • No need for an additional phone line
  • Low running costs
  • Import faxes directly into software such as OCR or DTP programs
  • No maintenance costs

For more information on this service please visit the HavNet Business site :